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Sometimes the actual presents are not the most desired presents. Only imagine after Christmas, how many things you wish you could have returned and get the presents of your own style or taste. Or maybe you actually did return some presents. Anyways, isn´t is easier to give a voucher (or receive a voucher) and let the donated ones to get, whatever suits them? Here are tips for the best vouchers ideas:

Gastronomy voucher – this one is absolute shot. You can´t step wrongly. We all need to eat, so every single person will be happy to receive a gastronomy experience. Just make sure you know food preferences of the person you buy the voucher for.


Clothing voucher – There is sale literally everywhere. Every website you visit, there is sale up to 90%! This is insane considering the fact, that before Christmas we spent so much money on presents that involved clothes. Now you can get many pieces for very little amount. And with coronavirus times, most of our favourite shops became online. And their return policies are so easy nowadays. You don´t have to be worried, if something doesn´t suit well when it arrives.


Wellness voucher – as long as the lockdown is over, we all deserve to treat ourselves. A voucher for sauna or whirlpool is a great idea for someone, who need a little bit of relaxation time (everyone). And especially a massage vouchers are very welcome. There are many types of massages, so you can pick the one you really think the person would like. We recommend not to be a pushovers and pick something spicy. Erotic massage Prague is a great idea for someone, who is very stressed and tensed and would like to have an extraordinary experience. In this kind of therapy your body and mind will receive a real pleasure, that will leave you with new energy and a feeling of wanting more. A massage is suitable for men, women and couples too.